Karen Ying
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Customize Chrome New Tab Page in 30 Seconds

Override Chrome’s new tab page to create a more personalized browsing experience

Oct 164 min read

Hack Keyboard Shortcuts Into Sites with a Custom Chrome Extension

Increase productivity by adding custom keyboard shortcuts to your favorite sites

Jul 76 min read

50 Shades of Dark Mode Gray

Deep dive into Spotify, Twitter, Facebook’s dark mode palettes by analyzing Hex codes

Jul 38 min read

404: React Page Not Found

How to avoid the dreaded "Page Not Found" bug for apps using React Router on Netlify

Jul 25 min read

Annoy (or Impress) Your Coworkers with a Slack Bot From Scratch

I made a Slack bot in under 30 lines of code to remind my coworker to eat lunch

Jun 298 min read

I’m a Gen Z-er and I want you to stop using emojis

An analysis on emoji usage in the popular app Notion

Jun 245 min read